School Board Candidate Profiles Updated

St. Louis City voters will elect two new School Board Members from three candidates on April 4th. No excuse Absentee Voting (what Missouri calls early voting) begins Tuesday, April 21st at four locations. No incumbent School Board Members are on the ballot.

School Board Candidate Profiles are posted here. Not much to see.

One candidate doesn’t have a candidate committee filed with Missouri Ethics Commission.

Only one candidate has a website. I don’t count Facebook. Don’t use it and will not encourage people to use it.

One candidate lives in a tax abated development. Tax abated means public school kids helped pay for it.

Future campaign finance reports due/may be due:

8 Day Before General Election Report. Close: 3/23/2023. Due: 3/27/2023. Required if Committee made Expenditures (paid or incurred) or made Contributions for the election. Noon Friday, Missouri Ethics Commission will conduct a webinar on how to complete this report.

Mandatory April Quarterly Report. Close: 3/31/2023. Due: 4/17/2023.

30 Day After Election Report. Close: 4/29/2023. Due: 5/4/2023. Required if Committee made Expenditures (paid or incurred) or made Contributions for the election. If this report is required, it must be filed prior to taking office. If debt exceeds $1,000, Committee may not file Limited Activity for this report.

Additional Campaign Finance Reporting

  • 48 Hour Report of Contribution over $5,000: Due within 48 Hours after receipt.
  • 24 Hour Notice of Late Contribution Over $250 Received Less Than 12 Days Before Election: Due within 24 Hours after receipt.
  • 24 Hour Late Expenditure Report by Continuing Committees (PACs including ward committees): Due within 24 Hours after paid or incurred.