2023 School Board Candidates

Tracy E. Hykes
Website none
Neighborhood: West End
Ward: New 10th Ward
Residence Tax Abated: No
Occupation: King Hykes Holding; T.E. Hykes Funding; Hykes King Enterprise
Genealogy: husband of Babette Hykes (Babette Hykes Real Estate Management Services) 
Campaign Finance
March 2023 Report: $1,375 raised ($2,000 AFT 420, $250 STL City Labor Legislature Club); $1,392 spent; $2,157.71 on hand; $0 debt
February 2023 Report: $2,535 raised ($1,500 AFT 420, $1,000 Sheet Metal Workers); $0 spent; $2,535 on hand; $0 debt
Treasurer: Tanisha Hemphill (advertising account coordinator at St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Affiliated SOS Filing Friends of Tracy Hykes, LLC

Jaile’Shawn Quinones
On ballot as Dr. J. L. (Coach Win) Quinones
On Ballotpedia as J.L. Mendoza Quinones 
Also known as Reverend Jaiileshawn Wimbley-Mendoza Quinones
Also known as Dr. Wimbley Mendoza
Website none
Neighborhood: Walnut Park East
Ward: New 13th Ward
Residence Tax Abated: No
Occupation: True Divine Word Ministries; tried to start a charter school
Other Elected Office: School Board 2022 (No committee filed with MEC)
Campaign Finance
No committee filed with MEC*

Sadie Weiss
Neighborhood: Tower Grove East
Ward: New 7th Ward
Residence Tax Abated: Yes, building is tax abated until 2025
Occupation: assistant director for Precollegiate Services, UMSL
Campaign Finance
March 2023 Report: $1,445 raised ($2,000 AFT 420, $250 St. Louis City Labor Legislature Club, $100 Public School Advocates PAC); $1,939.53 spent; $2,553.04 on hand; $0 debt
February 2023 Report Amended: same totals, something about ActBlue fees
February 2023 Report: $3,825 raised ($1,500 AFT 420); $877.43 spent; $2,947.57 on hand; $0 debt
Treasurer: Dorothy Rohde-Collins (former member of St. Louis City School Board)

*School Board Candidates are required to file a campaign committee with Missouri Ethics Commission when any of the following occurs

  • Candidate receives more than $325 from a single contributor (other than the candidate)
  • Candidate spends over $1,000 of their own money
  • Candidate’s contributions and expenditures are over $1,000

A Candidate may file a committee before meeting any requirement to do so.

The deadline for filing a committee is 30 days prior to election.