ICYMI (Krewson and Keaveny) Because I Sure Did

Man with giant green money bag

Another run by Lyda?

Former St. Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson still has an active MEC account. Per her January 2023 Report, she has $337,460.92 on hand. Under expenses, she’s also still a client of Kelley Group, which recently ran the losing Board President campaign for Alder Jack Coatar.

Krewson’s MEC account says she is running for citywide office in the 8/6/2024 Primary Election. Citywide offices on that ballot include City Treasurer, City Sheriff, and City Circuit Attorney.

Krewson has been added to the New 9th Ward Profile page under Former Public Officials.

Lots of campaign money in New 10th Ward

It turns out former State Senator Joe Keaveny is sitting on $168,641.65. His MEC account says he is running statewide in 8/6/2024 Primary Election.

Keaveny’s replaced former State Senator Jeff Smith in 2009 after Smith resigned after pleading guilty to two congressional campaign related felonies. He was last on a ballot in 2014.

Keaveny has been added to the New 10th Ward Profile under Former Public Officials. Additional campaign finance information has also been added to the bios for State Senator Karla May and State Rep. Del Taylor on same page.

Mayor Tishaura Jones, Comptroller Darlene Green, and Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner all reside in New 10th Ward.


St. Louis City War Chests has been revised to account for Krewson and Keaveny, who are now #2 and #4 on the list. The numbering has also been fixed. Keep those tips, addition s, corrections coming.

January 2023 Reports to MEC are starting to trickle in. They are optional reports, not mandatory. New Ward Profiles will be updated with new campaign finance info as they get filed and I have time (or an interest) to do so.