Your $72,000 Future Alders Side Gigs

St. Louis Alders are about to raise their salaries from $37,000 to $72,000. Most will continue secondary employment, running businesses and working at other jobs for paychecks, unless very specific wording is added to the City Charter by public vote.

Alders and Board President should be required to devote all their time to the elected job, same as Charter requires the Mayor:  “The mayor shall devote his entire time to the duties of his office.

Without a “devote entire time” Charter Amendment, St. Louisans will end up paying $72,000 salaries to municipal legislators who split their time between being Alders and other occupations, other jobs that bring conflicts of interest.

Current candidates for Alder and Board President include a leasing manager for The Hubbards, bar owners and other small business owners, practicing attorneys, a facial recognition tech salesman, a VP for Corporate Reputation at FleishmanHillard, bank vice presidents, developers, landlords, consultants.

New 1st Ward
Candidate and Current 13th Ward Alder Anne Schweitzer: campaign consultant at Public Eye
Candidate for 1st Ward Alder Matt E. Kotraba: works at Barnes Jewish Hospital
Candidate for 1st Ward Alder Tony Kirchner: deputy sheriff

New 2nd Ward
Candidate and Current 16th Ward Alder Tom Oldenburg: vice president for Community Development |at US Bancorp Community Development Corp
Candidate for 2nd Ward Alder Phill Menendez: CEO of JTEKE LLC- manufacturer of the U-Stripe It & Design Tool; owner of La Casa Developer’s; account exec at Blue Line Technology facial recognition; retired Detective Sergeant from St. Louis Police Dept
Candidate for 2nd Ward Alder Katie Bellis: Quality Improvement Coordinator at St. Louis County

New 3rd Ward
Candidate and Current 25th Ward Alder Shane Cohn: owner of 4664 Tennessee LLC investment and redevelopment of real estate

New 4th Ward
Candidate and Current 23rd Ward Alder Joe Vaccaro: former owner of car wash
Candidate and Current 24th Ward Alder Bret Narayan: attorney, private practice
Candidate for 4th Ward Alder Casey Otto: owner of photography studio

New 5th Ward
Current 10th Ward Alder & Acting Board President Joseph Vollmer: owner of Milo’s Bocce Garden; co-owner TLJ Investments (funeral home); owner of TLSJ (commercial real estate); landlord
Candidate for 5th Ward Alder Helen Petty: owner of The Chop Shop, stylist

New 6th Ward
Candidate for 6th Ward Alder Daniela Velázquez: vice president for Corporate Reputation at FleishmanHillard; owner of Mavend Media LLC; former Senior Public Relations Strategist at Elasticity; former communications director at Missouri ACLU
Candidate and former Recorder of Deeds/15th Ward Alder Jennifer Florida: realtor

New 7th Ward
Candidate for 7th Ward Alder Alisha Sonnier: mental health advocate at Cigna
Candidate for 7th Ward Alder Jon-Pierre Mitchom: director of Equity and Inclusion at STL Priory School
Candidate for 7th Ward Alder Cedric “C-Sharp” Redmon: musician

New 8th Ward
Candidate and Current 20th Ward Alder Cara Spencer: senior vice president for Community and Economic Development at St. Louis Bank
Candidate for 8th Ward Alder Shedrick “Nato Caliph” Kelley: owner of Cipher Music Group; co-owner Kelley Dispatch & Logistics
Candidate and former 9th Ward Alder Ken Ortmann: owner of Cat’s Meow bar; I think they also have rental property

New 9th Ward
Candidate and Current 17th Ward Alder Tina Pihl: landlord
Candidate and Current 28th Ward Alder Michael Gras: attorney; assistant prosecutor for Florissant Mo
Candidate for 9th Ward Alder Michael Browning: senior grant specialist at Washington University School of Medicine 

New 10th Ward
Candidate and Current 26th Ward Alder Shameem Clark Hubbard: former salon owner
Candidate for 10th Ward Alder Emmett Coleman: realtor; owner of URBINCORE construction (former 8th Ward Alder Steve Conway agent of record)

New 11th Ward
Candidate and Current 21st Ward Alder Laura Keys: clinical data coordinator at Biomedical Systems; landlord
Candidate for 11th Ward Alder Carla “Coffee” Wright: CEO at St. Louis Inner City Culture Center Enterprise; owner of Coffee Wright Consulting; owner of I Am Independent Action Media

New 12th Ward
Candidate and Current 1st Ward Alder Sharon Tyus: attorney; landlord
Candidate and Current 4th Ward Alder Dwinderlin Evans: landlord; owner of Great Scott Enterprises
Candidate for 12th Ward Alder Darron M. Collins-Bey: owner of Elshaddai Consulting LLC; owner of Bey-El Industries Inc.
Candidate for 12th Ward Alder Tashara T Earl: owner of Shades of Color beauty supplies
Candidate and Current 1st Ward Democratic Committeewoman Yolanda Brown:
Candidate for 12th Ward Alder Walter L. Rush: dba Johnny Mac Striders expired; founder of Ten Clubs Kicking nonprofit
Candidate for 12th Ward Alder Darron Heggs: owner of Creating Leaders Of Tomorrow

New 13th Ward
Candidate and Current 2nd Ward Alder Lisa Middlebrook: manager of Hope Home Healthy Care
Candidate and Current 22nd Ward Alder Norma Walker: owner of Belt Loop Trucking; landlord
Current 27th Ward Alder Pam Boyd: certified dietary manager at The Valley Stonebridge Community skilled nursing facility

New 14th Ward
Candidate and Current 3rd Ward Alder Brandon Bosley: owner of New Black Wall Street 314 LLC; hip hop/rap artist/producer at Bawsomemusic; Focused on Family Entertainment (create family engagement through innovative gaming and fun activities)
Candidate and Current 5th Ward Alder James Page: executive director for Downtown St. Louis Neighborhood Association; retired from U.S. Post Office
Candidate and Current State Rep. Rasheen Aldridge: owner of RA5 Organizing LLC
Candidate for 14th Ward Alder Ebony M. Washington: leasing manager at Carr Square Tenant Management Corp (run by Hubbard Family); realtor at Wood Brothers Realty; owner of EMW Midwest Logistics (freight broker); owner of Washington Sisters Consultant Group; owner of Financial Powerhouse & Development Corp; former founder of Carr Square Neighborhood Association (administratively dissolved); PPP Loan recipient for janitorial services

Board President
Candidate and Current Board President Megan Green: was or is Adjunct Professor at Washington University; owner of MEG Consulting (consulting, strategic planning, grant writing services)

Ward Profiles here