Aldergeddon Campaign Finance Info

Old black and white photo of St. Louis City Hall

The New Ward Profiles include up-to-date campaign finance information for most St. Louis City Alder candidates and ward organizations/political action committees.

Most instead of all because the reports are constantly changing with amended reports and late contribution or late expenditure filings with Missouri Ethics Commission. It’s very hard to keep up with.

There really ought to be a law against raising and spending money the last week of election. Get it done before then. Make that public at least five days before elections. Make it apply to candidates, political action committees, political parties.

Heartbreaking for me, personally, all the candidates taking money from the captains of industry and recipients of corporate welfare known as Civic Progress and Great White Fathers via 21st Century St. Louis PAC. Each accepted $2,600.

New 2nd Ward: 16th Ward Tom Oldenburg

New 3rd Ward: 25th Ward Alder Shane Cohn

New 5th Ward: 10th Ward Alder Joe Vollmer

New 6th Ward: Daniela Velazquez

New 8th Ward: 20th Ward Alder Cara Spencer

New 9th Ward: 28th Ward Alder Michael Gras and Michael Browning

New 11th Ward: 21st Ward Alder Laura Keys

New 13th Ward: 27th Ward Alder Pam Boyd

New 14th Ward: 5th Ward Alder James Page and State Rep. Rasheen Aldridge

Also: Mayor Tishaura Jones, Comptroller Darlene Green, Board President Megan Green