Shrooms: Growing, Hunting, Psychedelics Legislation

Large morel mushroom next to table fork for scale


Seed St. Louis will be selling Mushroom Spores ‘Wine Cap’ at its March 11th Sale. $5 for one pound of mushroom spawn, enough for 10 square feet. Grow in full shade to part sun in wood chips/mulch or straw mulched areas of garden.

Here’s a nice Wine Cap Mushroom Growing Guide from Seed St. Louis

University of Missouri Extension’s: Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in an Agroforestry Practice


Noon March 1st there’s a Zoom Class by Missouri Conservation Department: Mushrooms- Meet the Morels. Register

Missouri Conservation Department’s A Guide to Missouri’s Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms

March/April 2021 Missouri Life magazine article: Fascinating Fungi (includes various mushroom seasons)

Illinois Natural Resources Department’s Illinois Mushrooms poster

Illinois Mycological Association

Missouri Mycological Association

Psychedelic Therapy Legislation

Missouri Republican pushes to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’ to treat depression, PTSDMissouri Independent, January 30, 2023

Illinois lawmaker introduces bill to create regulated psychedelic therapy program – WCIA, January 18, 2023

Can Psychedelics Solve the Youth Mental Health Crisis? Nearly two-thirds of young adults report having either depression or anxiety. In California, Connecticut, Illinois, and other states, lawmakers are considering their options for psychedelics legalization. – The Nation, February 3, 2023