Candidate Requirements Updated, Prez Caucus Date Unknown

Six question marks, one each yellow, green, orange, pink, dark blue, light blue

Missouri & St. Louis City Candidate Age & Residency Qualifications page has been updated with 2026 election cycle date for offices elected in 2022.

Date of the Missouri 2024 Presidential Caucuses, which replace statewide Presidential Primary, remain a mystery. Elimination of Presidential Primaries in Missouri was a part of the voter suppression bill passed by Republicans last year and signed into law by Governor Mike Parson.

But two Republican Missouri House members want to bring back March Presidential Primaries to the State. Neither House Bill 267 nor House Bill 347 has been assigned to a committee yet, let alone had a hearing.

Further Reading: Uncertainty abounds as Missouri prepares for 2024 presidential caucuses, Columbia Missourian, July 23, 2022