Familiar But Better Than Twitter- Monday Pre-Registration Deadline

Spoutible.com is what Twitter could’ve been if Twitter cared more about its users than profit.- Christopher Bouzy, founder of Spoutible and founder of Bot Sentinel, a company specializing in identifying and understanding disinformation and targeted attacks on social media platforms.

Spoutible is the new social media platform that prioritizes the protection of its users from abuse and disinformation.

By using advanced moderation tools, privacy and security features, fact-checking tools, and transparency and accountability features, Spoutible will strive to create a safe and trustworthy environment for users.

Spoutible’s mission is to build a better and more informed social media platform where people can connect, share ideas, and stay informed without fear of abuse or disinformation.

Main advantages of Spoutible: 1. Safety & Security. 2. Diversity. 3. Users come before profits. 4. Spoutible will develop and deploy new features faster than all of the competitors. 5. Spoutible is committed to news outlets and journalists.

Deadline to Pre-Register for Spoutible is Today, Monday, January 30th. After today, there will be a one week wait to register while the rest of us (over 150,000 pre-registered) grab our account name of choice and give the platform a test run.

Tomorrow/Tuesday is the Spoutible Pre-Launch Q&A

Wednesday is Spoutible’s launch.

Please join me over on Spoutible.

Some Details You Might Want To Know

Spout Character Limit: 300 but links do not count

Chronological Timeline: You will see spouts from people you follow as soon as they are spouted. You will control what you see in your feed.

Verified Notable Accounts: On launch day, some accounts will be verified, aka blue checkmark, but Spoutible will open the verification process to everyone shortly after.

Edit Button: Users can edit spouts for up to 7 minutes and are allowed one edit. These limits are employed to mitigate abuse.

Images: You can post up to 10 images in a spout.

Alt Text: There will be a blue bar prompt for Alt Text when images are added.

Quoted Spouts: You can quote spouts from other users.

Pinned Spouts: You can pin your spouts to your profile, but you can also pin other users’ spouts to your profile.

Delete Replies: You can delete abusive replies to your spouts. We have safeguards in place to prevent users from abusing the delete replies feature.

Enhanced Blocking: Enhanced blocking allows users to control their Spoutible experience and protect themselves from unwanted interactions. Accounts you have blocked will not be permitted to reply to someone who has replied to you.

Anti-Abuse Features: They have developed additional anti-abuse features to protect our users from targeted harassment and abuse.

Private Messages: Users can send and receive private messages, and private messages are encrypted.

Dark Mode: You can change the Spoutible user interface to a darker theme.

Bot Sentinel Rating: Every profile and spout will display the user’s Bot Sentinel rating.

The App: The app will come in a couple of of weeks. Meanwhile, you can access the web version from you cell phone and it will adapt to your device. It’s amazing what has been accomplished in two months, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Cost: All of the above for FREE. There will be an optional subscription fee later to raise revenue to pay for growth of the platform but you will never pay for any of the above. Subscribers might get no ads and things like that but you will never have to pay for the experience you begin with.