School Board Candidates Added to New Ward Profiles

Kindergarten class at L’Ouverture School (Colored School No. 4), ca. 1895. Missouri Historical Society Collections.

April 4th is a Municipal General Election in the City of St. Louis. Voters will choose two new School Board members from three candidates. These candidates have been added to the New Ward Profiles under Other Candidates.

New 7th Ward: Sadie Weiss

New 10th Ward: Tracy Hykes

New 13th Ward: Jaile’Shawn Quinones

Links to Current School Board Members profiles are here.

April 4th, Voters will also elect a President of the Board of Alders and 14 Alders in redistricted wards, the first ward reduction election.

March 8th is the last day to register for April 4th General Election.

March 21st is the first day for no excuse needed absentee voting.

More information on the April 4th General Election and absentee voting at the Board of Election.