Nasheed has a consultant business

Vintage postcard of Missouri State Capitol

On October 28, 2020, Jamilah Nasheed and LaTanya Reeves organized a business, a Limited Liability Corporation, with the Missouri Secretary of State. At the time, Nasheed was a Missouri State Senator, and would be so for another two months, and Reeves worked in Mayor Lyda Krewson’s office.

Many state legislators own businesses and work at jobs other than their elected positions. In 2018, however, 62% of Missourians approved Constitutional Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri), which included an increase from six months to two years for the waiting period for legislators to become lobbyists.

Nasheed’s may have violated that constitutional provision by organizing Ignite Strategic Consulting, purpose: “Governmental and political consulting and all other purposes allowable by law.”

At the very least, Nasheed violated the intent of the law- to stop the revolving door of state legislators cashing in on their elected office cachet- and she did so in a deceitful manner.

Reeves was the agent of record until August 2, 2022, when Nasheed replaced her, per filing with Secretary of State. Nasheed’s name would not show up on a records check prior to the August change. Was the business interest disclosed to Governor Mike Parson before he appointed her to the Board of Probation and Parole?

In addition to her work on the Board, Nasheed is a well known advocate and activist for privatization of public schools. But, as of today, she is not a registered lobbyist nor has ever been, per a search at Missouri Ethics Commission.

The St. Louis City address of the business should also be a concern. It’s the same address as State Representative Rasheen Aldridge.

Disclosure: I endorsed Jamilah Nasheed for Board President in 2019. We have since parted ways.