Con Con Update

I wasn’t surprised to finally find a pro-Constitutional Convention website. I was surprised, however, to find it wasn’t run by Republican operatives or a hate group and surprised to find out Winston Apple, former Democratic National Committeeman, supported passage.

“Democracy has a great many false friends and a few true enemies” says the website whose leaders then bizarrely pivot to believing they will elect a pro-democracy majority of the 68 senatorial district delegates and 15 statewide delegates at large to the Con Con. That would be miraculous considering millions and millions of dollars buy legislative seats and statewide offices here without most voters caring. No reason to think the Con Con will go any better.

“Some of the proposed amendments are certain to be good and some bad.” Awesome selling point.

One of the priorities of this Con Con support group is to “Ensure that every citizen in Missouri is represented in the General Assembly by legislators who will vote the way they would vote.” We are currently in Governor Mike Parsons birthplace where no Democrats filed for county office other than a judge. The Republicans elected to represent Hickory County are never going to vote the way we would.

The group believes money has corrupted our political system and both major political parties have been corrupted. Both true, in my opinion. But it’s pure fantasy to believe a constitutional convention controlled by the major parties and, in the end, a Republican Governor filling delegate vacancies, will bring about positive change.

They are ignoring the reality that a majority of delegates will be chosen by political party insiders. They don’t seem to want to accept the fact that running for statewide elected delegate would take lots of money- money that people like Rex Sinquefield and David Humphreys have and they don’t.

As you wander around their website, you may finally find the key to their plan: Libertarian Party delegates and Independent delegates at large. It’s like they are counting on a more moderate Missouri Libertarian Party and for Sinquefield and Humphreys to do the right thing.

There’s no information on who runs this group on their website. Always a bad sign. But Missouri Ethics Commission has a political action committee named Say Yes To Democracy that filed in August. The treasurer is Annette LePique, a Kansas City realtor. The deputy treasurer is Bryan Struebig, Eldon, chair of Miller County Democrat Committee and former Democratic candidate for state senator and state representative.

No campaign finance reports yet. Will check back October 17th when quarterly reports due.

Missouri Democratic Party State Committee voted to oppose the Con Con. But there’s nothing posted about it on their website.

Vote No on Con Con

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