More Shady Soulard Tax District Goings On

September’s Soulard Special Business District meeting wasn’t the only Transparency Fail going on in the neighborhood.

It turns out, Soulard Community Improvement District- special sales tax district for dog poop bags, bulk trash pick up, traffic calming- met right before the SBD did at the same place- Molly’s, a venue owned by Luke Reynolds, Chair of the SBD and Vice Chair of the CID.

But it failed to post a meeting notice and agenda to City Public Meetings Calendar and gave less than 24 hours notice on its own website. Instead, the CID posted a notice on the City Calendar for a Labor Day meeting, which it never cancelled or held.

The most recent posted Minutes for Soulard CID are from August.

Soulard CID meets 5 pm Tonight, Monday, at Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th.